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Bagging is the process of completely enclosing product using poly or pvc roll stock, or pre-made bags. The enclosures are heat seal closed. We utilize our modern lines of High Speed Horizontal Sealers and Form Fill Seal equipment for roll stock, and horizontal sealers for bags. Printed or unprinted roll stock can be utilized as required.

Depending on the size of the enclosures, speeds can be up to 50,000 per machine per shift. The operation can be performed as a stand-alone project, or it can be in conjuction with Kit Assemblies, Sample Mailings, Convention Packages, etc. Additional add-on functions such as labeling, gluing, date coding, check weighing, and cartoning can very easily be incorporated to meet your specific needs.

We do not handle food products within our facility, but we do package wrapped lozenges, and other individually wrapped health products.....