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Cartoning Services

MGS Horizontal Cartoner

We have the capability to provide contract packaging cartoning services for a wide variety of product sizes and types. This includes retail healthcare, cosmetic, and electronic products, as well as prescription drug products.

Cartoning Equipment

Investing in quality equipment helps us to better serve our customers. Currently, we have 5 cartoners, including 2 Vertical Jones CMV-6 and a horizontal MGS HCM-750, enabling us to simultaneously schedule a wide range of projects in a variety of carton styles. Capable of running up to 140 cartons per minute, each cartoner can be set up as part of an integrated packaging line which might include kit assembly, end seal labels, finished carton bundling, labeling and/or display pack-out.

Transdermal Patch Packaging

Recent Projects

We recently completed packaging of a NSAID (non steroidal anti inflammatory) patch that was being released in the US market. Our customer was a Swiss Pharmaceutical company that was providing the pain-releif patch to a US company who had purchased the rights for distribution in the U.S. The project was an exercise in global supply-chain integration as we received the patches from a Japanese manufacturer and the packaging materials from an Italian manufacturer. We sourced the Physician's Insert (PI) from a local printer and coordinated all aspects of the project to ultimately package 20 million+ cartons over the course of 1 year. All bulk and finished-good shipments were in temperature controlled containers. Our facility is 100% temperature controlled, as well, which enabled us to maintain the proper storage conditions.

Promotional Product Cartoning

Other cartoning projects include Day/Night product combinations and Buy One Get One (BOGO) product combinations. We also regularly carton product contained in pouches and blisters. Really, we've been cartoning stuff since 1975 when we bought our first cartoner, a Bivans. The Bivans ran well for us and we actually purchased a second Bivans in the early 1980's. Through the years we've used Thiele as well as Jones and MGS. We've even created our own semi-automatic cartoner that we use to run package a 3-pack of cough medicine which wouldn't fit on a standard sized machine. If I might say, cartoning is something we do very well.