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Project Description


Kit Assembly

First Aid Kit Assembly

Our commitment to quality and ability to customize our assembly line operations to your needs, enables us to provide you with an optimized kit assembly solution. Examples of Kit Assembly projects that we've completed include:

    Kit Assembly
  • Home Medical Diagnostic Kits
  • Smoking Cessation Patch Kits
  • Travel Kits
  • Flu Protection Kits
  • Physician Sample Sets
  • First Aid Kits
  • Cosmetic Gift Packs
  • Convention Media Kits
Some of the operations that might be involved kit assembly include:


We utilize Streamfeeders and Kit Assembly and Mailingautomatic Pick and Place feeders when needed to develop high speed kit assembly solutions. Our engineering staff can customize a kit assembly solution for high-volume production runs when needed.


Our operators have extensive experience assembling corrugated materials, packaging components, and products with hot-melt adhesives. We utilize appropriate glue for the application which might range from high-strength adhesive that guarantees fiber tear to consumer removable glues.

Ink-Jet Printing

We can provide in-line ink-jet printing for lot-number and expiration date coding, serialization, or in-line address printing when needed. We have the capability to print small-character text as well as bit-mapped graphics.