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Inspection, Rework, Product Reclamation

Our expertise in labor-intensive operations and product packaging enable us to provide a number of services to inspect, redress, and/or rework non-conforming product to enable its distribution in the supply chain.


Perhaps you have had a manufacturing facility or subcontractor produce a Lot of finished-good product that fails to meet Acceptable Quality Levels. In many cases we can provide a cost-effective solution to cull out rejected product and retain acceptable product. This can involve any of the following:

  • 100% Visual Inspection
  • Product Testing
  • Inspection of items supplied by off-shore contractors.


Redress operations involve repackaging or relabeling acceptable primary product. This can involve either:
  • Removing items like bottles and blister-packs from cartons and repackage them into new cartons.
  • Applying full panel overlabels to provide compliant copy.
  • Repackaging open-stock product into new shipping cases.

We have performed a number of other types of rework and redress projects and can provide options that make reclamation a more cost-effective solution and destroying potentially unusable product.