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Shrink Wrap Packaging

We've developed an expertise in developing and providing shrink-wrap solutions. Our high-speed shrink-wrap lines allow us to accomodate a range of projects, from account-specific low-volume orders, up to a daily output of 50,000 shrink-wrapped units a day to run volumes into the millions of pieces. We specialize in the shrink-wrapping of multi-packs and bonus packs and can also incorporate gluing, labeling, and or display packout into these production lines.

Shrink-Wrap vs. Shrink-Bundling

Before continuing, let's just discuss the difference between shrink-wraps and shrink-bundles. If you're in the packaging industry you're probably already aware of this, so please bear with us.

The process of applying a heat-shrinkable plastic wrap that covers all surface areas of a product or products. Operative words above are "all surface areas" and "heat-shrinkable". There are other ways of wrapping a product completely that do not involve material that shrinks upon heating.

This is very similar to shrink-wrapping except the plastic wrap completely covers 4 surfaces of the item or items being bundled, and there are open spaces or "bulls-eyes" on the two ends of the bundle. This is typical of the wrap you would find on a case of water.


We have the capability to perform both shrink-wrapping and shrink-bundling. We have two Shanklin F-5's that we use to do our shrink-wrapping. For shrink-bundling we have dual-lane polypack and API bundlers.

Associated Operations

Typically either shrink-wrap or shrink-bundling might involve other process operations which we are capable of perfoming. This might include some or all of the following:

  • Applying new UPC labels
  • Gluing items together with consumer-removable or fugitive glue
  • Applying Instantly Redeemable Coupons or IRC Labels
  • Applying Outsert Labels
  • Collating cards, leaflets, brochures