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Extraordinary Service

No company in the contract packaging industry is more attuned to customer service than Tenco. From the very first day of our existence we have been committed to doing anything and everything to satisfy the buyer of our services. That's because we take such pride in our work and because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give us the job the next time a project comes up.

We always try to anticipate problems and prepare for them before a job begins. But when something unexpected occurs, we're very resourceful. Nothing really stops us. That's why we've always made every commitment.

For example, every cartoning machine in the industry is set up to emboss the lot number and expiration date on the bottom of the carton. A client once sent us thousands of cartons that were printed so that the embossed area was on the top. The client's quality assurance people had missed the error, and the product launch was fast approaching. Within one day we rigged a mechanical change to our equipment, tied the embosser into the gears, altered the phase, and reversed all the embossing heads. The client lost no time, and Tenco didn't charge them a dime extra. That's the kind of commitment we have. We just do things like that. We solve the problem and get the job done. On time. Regardless of what it takes. And with no up-charges to the customer.

You may call that "extraordinary," but at Tenco Assemblies, it's simply how we do business.