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Cartoning Services

We provide contract packaging cartoning services for a wide variety of product sizes and types. This includes retail, healthcare, cosmetic, and electronic products, as well as prescription drug products.


Our state-of-the-art labeling equipment can be custom configured to provide a wide range of labeling solutions.

We have 5 labeling lines, with the ability to apply one, two or three labels simultaneously at speeds up to 200 pieces per minute.

Blister Carding

We provide high speed blister carding for a range of card sizes. Using our 16 station Alloyd carousel sealer, we can produce up to 50,000 cards per day. If needed, our equipment can handle single, double or foldover cards as well as leaflet insertion.

Shrink Wrapping

We have specialized capabilities to provide shrink wrap solutions. Our high-speed shrink wrap lines accommodate a range of projects and quantities. Do you have a low-volume order for a product launch? Do you need volumes in the millions? We can easily adapt to any size shrink wrap order.

Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping is also called fin-seal wrapping because it produces a "fin" on the bottom of the package. The most common flow wrapped items are baseball cards, candy bars, and pre-packaged plastic eating utensils.

Kit Assembly

Our commitment to quality and customized assembly operations enable us to provide effective kit assembly solutions. Whether it's a medical test kit, cosmetic samples in a pouch, or retail subscription box, we create professional kits that successfully promote your brand.

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