Blister Carding Services

As part of our contract packaging services, Tenco Assemblies Inc. offers high-speed blister carding for a diverse range of card sizes. Our process of forming and filling blister cards features a high level of automation, and with our multi-station carousel sealers, we produce tens of thousands of face seal, trap style, and clamshell blister cards every day. We perform blister carding according to a well-defined operating plan and closely monitor all process conditions to ensure consistent package integrity.

Blister cards are a protective solution for packaging your product. The clear plastic blister shape conforms to the product and provides full visibility of the package contents. This package style allows consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing. Blister cards are durable, easy to merchandise, tamperproof, and theft-resistant. We produce single blister, double blister, and foldover variations and we can insert leaflets along with the packaged item.

An additional benefit of blister cards is that they offer lots of space to incorporate logos, graphics, and product information. Our staff is always available to review your designs, make practical recommendations, and advise you on any aspects that would affect production. Along with our in-house design input, we can furnish you with sample blisters and refer you to local design companies who can create a mock-up of the final package.

Examples of products we blister card include retail healthcare items like pain relievers and antacids, cosmetics, health and beauty aids, and prescription medications. We also package small electronics and other consumer products. To learn more about blister card packaging and our process capabilities, contact us today.

Blister Carding Capabilities

Contract PackagingBlister Carding
Blister Carding TypesFace Seal
Trap Blister
FeaturesHigh-Speed Output
Process Validation
Custom Packaging for These Product Types
Retail Healthcare
Health and Beauty Aids
Pain relievers, Antacids
Consumer Products
Prescription Drug
Hang Tabs
Packaging MaterialPVC
Packaging Equipment/ Packaging AutomationAlloyd 16 Station Carousel
Alloyd 8 Station Rotary
Sonic Welding
Quality Control
Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Comprehensive Training Program
Equipment Validation
Equipment Maintenance Program
Packaging Line Validation
Incoming Material Inspection
ANSI-Based In-Process Sampling
Product Reconciliation
Printed Materials Reconciliation
Final Review and Release
Secondary Services Offered
Custom Packout
Display Packaging
Shrink Bundling
100% Product Inspection
Tipping Services (combining 2 products together as an offer)
Package Design
Component Sourcing
Drop Shipping
Thermal Transfer Printing
Bar Coding
Lot Inspection
Rework/Redesign Services
EAS Source Tagging
Production VolumeLow Volume
High Volume
Blanket Orders
Lead Times
  • Quoted on Job by Job Basis
  • Emergency Services Available
  • Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
OTC Healthcare
Health and Beauty
Industry Contract Packaging Standards/ CertificationsFDA Registered
cGMP Compliant
PA State Department of Health
Packaging Association LinksInstitute of Packaging Professionals
Contract Packaging Association

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