Redress and Rework Services

There may come a time, for whatever reason, when a product’s packaging must be revised.

For packages that require labor-intensive redress or rework, don’t overburden your staff.  The team at Tenco Assemblies, Inc. can manage the situation for you. We have decades of experience and a motivated workforce to help you identify and remediate non-conforming product.

Tenco’s redress or rework capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • 100% product inspection to identify acceptable and unacceptable product or packaging
  • Remove or rework substandard packaging
  • Relabel primary product
  • Remove bottles and blister packs from original packaging and repack into new cartons
  • Apply full panel over labels with revised copy
  • Add sealing labels to a carton that is not sealing effectively
  • Add ink jet stamps to cartons or products

If you are faced with a packing error that needs to be corrected, there is a solution, and Tenco can help. Before you consider discarding usable products that are improperly packaged, call us for a consultation.

With our expertise in packaging execution, we have the ingenuity to discover methods for correcting a packaging error.  With our efficient operations, we can rework your product quickly and allow its distribution in your supply chain.

To learn more about our redress and rework capabilities, contact us today.

Redress and Rework Capabilities

  • 100% Visual Inspection
  • Cull Out Rejects
  • Product Testing
  • Inspection of Items Supplied by Off-Shore Contractors
Redress/ Rework
Repacking (Cartoning, Blister Carding,
Shrink Wrapping)
New UPC Label
Ink-Jet Printing
Repackaging Open-Stock Product
Inspection and Reclamation
Secondary Services OfferedMaterial Management
Custom Packaging
Material Destruction
Production VolumeLow Volume
High Volume
Blanket Orders
Lead Times
  • Quoted on Job by Job Basis
  • Emergency Services Available
  • Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
OTC Healthcare
Health and Beauty
Industry Contract Packaging Standards/ CertificationsFDA Registered
cGMP Compliant
PA State Department of Health
Packaging Association LinksInstitute of Packaging Professionals
Contract Packaging Association

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