Markets and Industries Served

For more than 47 years, we have served customers in a variety of industries.  We provide cost-effective, flexible, secondary packaging for regulated and non-regulated sectors, including:

  • Consumer Healthcare Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceutical

Tenco is registered with the FDA, PA Department of Health, and the DEA.  We have partnered with local start ups, Fortune 500 companies, and many in between. 

Consumer Healthcare

We are specialists in handling consumer healthcare products, such as pain-relief, cold, flu, allergy-relief, products.


Cosmetic products are perfect candidates for blister packing, cartoning, or assembly into a gift box.  We have the expertise to handle any and all of these packaging formats.

Personal Care Products

Dental products, soap, shampoo; these are just a few of the personal care products we have packaged over the years.  With our mechanical capabilities and skilled labor force, we are experts at providing quality, responsive packaging for your personal care project.


As a full-compliant vendor, we are qualified to handle non-narcotic prescription medications.  This includes solid-dose medication and pain-relief patches.  Ask us about the pharmaceutical companies we have done work for in the past.

Other Industries

Tenco will bid on and complete jobs in other industries as well, including sealed food products, subscription boxes, and gift items.  Our machinery, labor, and processes can be applied to a multitude of products.  We welcome the opportunity to consider any packaging venture.

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