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You know the scenario: Marketing comes up with an innovative promotion-a bonus pack or a two-for-one or some special premium-and it's your job to get it packaged and delivered. The goal may be a tube of this packaged with a box of that. Or it might be a bonus pack-buy the large size at the regular price and get a free box of the smaller size. Or it might be a product packaged with the currently popular cartoon or movie "action figure." Whatever it is, two things are certain. One, the two components will probably not be of the same size. And two, you're going to need a contract packager that is both flexible and innovative. Which of course means you're going to need a company like Tenco Assemblies. Here are five quick examples of our flexibility and innovation in action:

Challenge 1:

The client wants a package that includes a molded plastic tray with slot for an audio cassette, the product, a product literature booklet, and a box to hold the assembly. It was a product launch and they needed us to produce 80,000 units a day for three months. Working with the client, Tenco had a special machine designed to do the job. We used our experience and know-how to have it built from the ground up. And we got the packaging job done-on time and on budget!

Challenge 2:

The client had contracted with a company in Canada to fill 500,000 bottles with its new shampoo for an approaching product launch. But an unacceptable percentage of the bottle tops would either pop open or come off altogether. The client had Tenco do a 100% inspection of all half million bottles and apply over-label closure labels. Tenco got the call on Monday, and by Wednesday, we were over-labeling 25,000 units a day. We kept the pipeline going and the client met its launch date.

Challenge 3:

It was a combo pack promotion, and the operations department decided that the unit sales projected by the marketing department were unrealistic. So the operations department assumed that demand would be 500,000 fewer units than turned out to be the case. Panic time: If a retailer's purchase contract calls for delivery on the 29th and you deliver one day late, on the 30th, they can cancel the order. Millions of dollars were at stake. But Tenco Assemblies rallied: Within two days we were running two lines 10 hours a day, six days a week to get the job done. And we did. We got it done in two weeks. The client was relieved, "You really saved us," he said, "Big time!"

Challenge 4:

It was another product launch, but the carton flaps were printed incorrectly. So Tenco went into "redress" mode. We over-labeled 500,000 cartons. We took them apart, re-labeled them, and re-bundled them into six-packs. And we did it fast. Our labeling machines run at three per second. Companies come to us when they make mistakes because they know there aren't that many firms that will jump through hoops the way we do to solve their problem.

Challenge 5:

A toothpaste maker wanted to bundle the product with a toothbrush. It was a run of 100,000 units. The twist was that the client wanted a flap tuck closure on the top and a tuck and glue closure on the bottom. That's something cartoners are not set up for. But we were able to rig the machine to get a hose line and glue into the necessary position, and we got the job done on schedule.