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The Tenco Difference

We offer a complete spectrum of services-everything from a straightforward sample mailing to the design, production, and product loading of a POP display, end cap, or power wing. And we always deliver on time according to plan at a price that is usually lower than the competition. There are a number of reasons why Tenco is able to "work miracles" as some of our customers say.

First, the company's founder used to buy packaging services for Johnson & Johnson, so from the very beginning, we've known the contract packaging business from both sides. We know how crucial it is to have a job done for a product launch, and we go the extra mile every time to make it happen.

Second, when you've been doing something for nearly 35 years, as we have, you get pretty good at it. We are very efficient at what we do. We have the abilities. And we have the equipment. But most important of all, we also have the people. We don't use temporary workers. Everybody is full-time. More than half of our folks have been with us more than 15 years. And we have very low turnover. This increases our efficiency. When we set up a line for your project, our people already know what to do. We don't have to spend a lot of time re-training people. They know where to go and how to do the job. And each of them knows how important quality is. Our in process inspection procedures are full compliant with FDA and ANSI standards. But what really counts is the fact that everyone on the line is a quality inspector. Each of them has the power to stop the line should they see a packaging problem that would cause them not to buy a product in the store.

Finally, there is Tenco's pride and integrity. When we make a commitment, you can rest assured that we will move heaven and earth to meet it, regardless of any problems that may come up. Technically, our "performance to plan" is 99.9% and our "proven compliance" is 100%. But we think of it as resourcefulness. Whatever happens, Tenco people will find a way. Even if it means working overtime and weekends. We are totally dedicated to serving you, the customer. That's simply how we operate here. And it is why you will be very pleased with the results if you use Tenco for your next project. We guarantee it!